Speakerphone - Poly Calisto 3200 USB Mic/Speakerphone


Product Description

Crystal clear sound when videoconferencing - Mic and speakers in a small footprint desktop unit with USB connector to plug directly into a PC or laptop. - Great for Telemedicine Calls

  • Portable PC speakerphone for instant anywhere conferencing
  • Designed for ease of use and portability
  • Simplified call management with an easy interface
  • Ideal for team calls in small and medium-sized work areas
  • Compact, design goes anywhere
  • Wide dynamic frequency range allows for playback of stethoscope sounds without headset (an unusual feature for low cost speakerphones!)
  • Audio Performance: Experience rich, clear voices, 360-degree microphone makes sure others can hear you on the other end of the call
  • Intelligent Features: Stay connected with call status through visual indicators and voice alerts
  • Global Warranty: 2 years.

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging