MobilDrTech has focused on remote diagnostic devices and other telemedicine equipment and has not historically been in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) business. With the advent of the novel coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 illness, we have identified a need for protective masks, respirators, gowns and other products for our customers delivering telemedicine services.

MobilDrTech has identified a trusted partner, JohnPaulRichard (JPR), a provider of quality clothing at affordable prices to retail outlets around the world. See: www.johnpaulrichard.com

With the new reality, JohnPaulRichard has now dedicated many of its global clothing producing resources to producing personal and medical wear to help customers insure that they stay safe and healthy.

Medical Wear from JPR offers medical grade protection to everyone. Whether that's masks, gloves or gowns - both individuals and medical personnel deserve the best protection they can get. JPR maintains strict standards for the Medical Wear line that adheres to U.S. Policy and ensures that when you buy your Personal Protective Equipment, you can be assured that you are as well-protected as you can be.

MobilDrTech has established a supply line agreement with JPR for PPE products that are in scarce supply that we can provide at reasonable prices for our telemedicine provider customers.

Initial products that are listed on this website are KN95 Respirators and Personal Use Masks. We have established order profiles for small and medium size quantity lots for telemedicine progam providers, hospitals and regional health systems, but will be happy to discuss larger orders (in the 100 thousand to 1 million pc range). More products like polypropylene gowns, sterile surgical masks, disposable masks and PPE kits will be coming online soon so keep checking back.