RVS-100 Vital Signs Monitor - Box 20 rolls Thermal Printer Paper


Brand: Riester

Product Description

Box of 20 Rolls Thermal Printer Paper

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13315                 Barcode Reader
13317                 Mobile Stand (basket included)
12669                 Oral probe (blue) for predictive thermometer
12668                 Rectal probe (red) for predictive thermometer
12688                 Probe covers for predictive thermometer, pack of 500 ea (25 x 20 ea)
1840-BT              Non-contact thermometer ri-thermo® sensioPRO+ Bluetooth
1835-BT              Tympanic thermometer ri-thermo® tymPRO+ Bluetooth
12634                 Probe cover for ri-thermo® tymPRO 1 rack/10 pcs
12640                 Probe cover for ri-thermo® tymPRO 30 racks/300 pcs
13300                 SpO2-Sensor Riester Neonatal
13301                 SpO2-Sensor Riester Children
13302                 SpO2-Sensor Riester Adult