Carry-On Power Case™ 100 - Wheeled Case with Built In Power System and USB 3.0 Hub - Choice of Colors - Black or Orange

$3,249.00 $3,293.00

Product Description

Designed to Meet Mission Critical  Specifications for Military and First Responders - Now Available for Telemedicine Providers

The Acumentrics Carry-On Power Case™ is a rugged power and data system that delivers up to 100W total via DC, AC, and USB. The system is equipped with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery for autonomous use. The system features a large user-definable space for transporting, powering, and controlling a wide range of electronic components, including laptops, tablets, medical instruments, and communication devices. The USB data hub also permits bi-directional data exchange. The system is FAA compliant for transport on passenger airplanes via the overhead compartment.

  • Outside Dimensions 22" X 14" X 9" - Fits in Airline Overhead or Check as Luggage 
  • Wheels & Retractable Handle - Weight 18 lbs (Not Including Medical Devices)
  • Built In USB Hub With 4 USB Type A Ports & 1 USB Type B Port for Bi-Directional Data
  • The Case will Power DC, AC & USB Devices with up to 100W of Stored Power
  • 6 Hours Continuous Runtime (10W Load) for All Day Telemedicine Use
  • Rugged: FAA Compliant for Commercial Flight Overhead Compartment, Water Resistant & Dust Proof (IP66 Case)
  • Can be Charged from Solar Panels, Vehicles, Generators or Regular Household or Business Electrical Outlets
  • AC Power Supply (UL60601 Compliant) for Medical Applications
  • Accepts Global Voltages 100-240VAC, 47-60Hz, 7A Max for Use Anywhere in the World
  • State of Charge (SOC) Reporting Provides At-A-Glance Determination of Remaining Power
  • Allows for Simultaneous Recharging While Also Maintaining a Power Load of up to 70W AC and 100W DC