RCS-100 General Examination Camera System - Bundle Includes Camera, Lenses (Derm, General, Oto), Integrated Software and Disposable Oto Specula (Pediatric & Adult - 1000ea)


Brand: Riester

Product Description

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The Riester RCS-100 is a portable and versatile digital diagnostic camera. Featuring multiple lens attachments, with autofocus on General and Otoscope lenses.

Use Cases:

  • Live, Interactive Telemedicine - Connect to USB equipped device and send live datastream across videoconference call to remote clinician
  • In Office Examinations
    • Use as standalone wireless Examination Camera
    • Record images or video to save to computer for sharing or inclusion in EHR record
    • Connect to office WiFI to show live video to patients on office screens (requires optional component)
    • Integrate with EHR for real time online data storage (requires optional components)
  • Didactic learning and educational examinations - Connect to organization WiFi and stream to screens or lecture halls in educational settings

Key Features:

  • Rotary wheel for one-hand operation
  • Digital camera allows accurate first diagnosis and planning of consistent follow-up treatment
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Multi functional diagnosis designed for ENT, dermatology, endoscopy and general practice
  • Simple lense connections makes changing fast and easy
  • 5“ full HD color TFT-LCD display 1.280 x 720 pixel including scratch proof cover LCD screen
  • 8 MP CMOS delivers high resolution, scaleable images
  • Automatic (otoscope/general lens) & manual (all lenses) focus settings
  • Choice of 4° or 9° Endoscope Adapters
  • Wireless WiFi Networking and USB UVC for Telemedicine

 Improved Communication

  • 8MP true HD camera provides high resolution images to easily share
  • Live video modes allow for interactive diagnosis and treatment
  • Improve quality of care in remote areas by connecting health care professionals from around the world 

Versatility for Multiple Specialties

  • Specialized lenses designed for general practice, ENT, dermatology, and two endoscopy adapters to the attach the endoscope of your choice
  • 2x-8x magnification with interactive digital zoom capabilities
  • Visible white LED delivers very accurate color

Features You Need

  • Large 5” touchscreen with intuitive interface for easy image capture and management
  • Ergonomic, one hand design with easy to use rotary wheel
  • LI-Ion battery offers 3.5 hours of operating time in video mode


Lens Designed for Your Applications


SKU 1970-HDGO ships as a complete package with all lenses, software and disposables.

Individual camera or lenses and 2-3 piece combinations are available on request (may require longer fulfillment time). 

Purchase replacement disposable specula for otoscope here: 

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