PCP-USB Telemedicine Stethoscope


Product Description

The PCP-USB Telemedicine Stethoscope can be used without software as a standalone external microphone. It can be selected in desktop video conference platforms as the primary microphone when conducting an auscultation. Any PC, MAC or device with a USB-in port will recognize the stethoscope microphone. Sound quality is excellent but use without stethoscope software requires switching back and forth between the stethoscope and main video conference microphone. Additionally, frequency filtering and local monitoring features are not available without software.

With the PCP-USB stethoscope, there are two software options.

With the sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere Software (an out-of-band solution), clinicians are able to perform auscultations on patients from a distance using a PC, laptop or device running full versions of Windows® OS. Software is installed at both the physician and patient sites in order to provide a direct, encrypted connection between the two locations. Peer-to-peer connections are facilitated by a secure cloud server.

A more recent option for software is the PCP-SSP Software (an in-band solution) that installs only on the patient side and integrates itself into the audio channel of the users video conference platform. PCP-SSP installs on Windows® OS platforms but can transmit through the VC platform to whatever devices are used on the physician end to receive the video call. All that is required on the physician side is to plug in a headset when they are ready to listen to the patient.

The state-of-the-art PCP-SSP and sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere software when used with a high quality, echo-cancelling USB headset, allows clinicians to conveniently and easily conduct remote auscultations, and adjust any of five distinct audio filters to allow for the best quality sound regardless of clinical use or body site. The audio filters along with the recommended USB headset provide, clean and crystal clear sound to help clinicians make the most informed medical decisions from a distance. In addition, the nurse, tech or presenter can use the local monitoring feature to listen as they place the chest piece to hear what the physician is hearing. This aids the telepresenter process and helps in training the presenter. The PCP-USB connects to a PC via standard USB 2.0, 3.0  ports.

One Year Replacement Warranty For Manufacturer Defects