USB ExamCam 2.0 Otoscope Speculum Attachment - SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Product Description

The Otoscope Speculum is an accessory option with the USB ExamCam 2.0. It attaches to the LED Light Ring on the face of the camera. The Light Ring enables enhanced viewing of a wound or dermatology site and well as clear, sharp viewing of the throat and as an adjustable (with software App) lightsource with the Otoscope attachment.

The Otoscope Speculum can be inserted into the Light Ring to enable viewing into the ear canal or nostril. Off-the-shelf Dr. Mom disposable ear tips can be used with the Speculum.

The USB ExamCam 2.0 comes with a free Chrome browser based App that connects to the camera when it is plugged into the USB port on the computer or device. It allows the user to select different camera resolutions that best fit the area being viewed and select a close-up mode. In close-up mode, the camera can be put in manual focus mode and adjustments made to zoom level, brightness and focus.

The default setting on the camera without using the App is on auto focus. If the camera is being used for viewing the throat or dermatology structures, it should probably be left on auto focus. If there is good ambient room light, then the LED light ring may be unplugged for a better quality picture. If it is being used to look in the ears or nose, the App should be used to make adjustments in the manual focus settings.

Download USB ExamCam 2.0 Otoscope Speculum Technical Note