PCP-SSP In-Band Telemedicine Stethoscope Software - For Use with PCP-USB Stethoscope Only (Optional But Recommended)


Product Description

Download PCP-SSP Datasheet

Download PCP-SSP Setup and Tweaking Windows Audio Devices

PCP-SSP - Single User Software License - Perpetual Use - No Recurring Fees

  • In-Band Solution
  • Simple, Easy to Use Interface - No Technical Training Required
  • Integrates into Audio Channel of Existing Video Conference Platform at Stethoscope Location
  • Software Installation at Patient Site Only – Transmit to Any Physician over Video Conference Connection - No Physician Software or Training
  • Provides 5 Frequency Filters for Listening at Various Body Sites (Heart, Lungs, Carotids, etc.)
  • Mutes Room Mic when Stethoscope in Use
  • Allows for Local Listening by Nurse or Tech at Patient Site
  • Windows OS Required at Patient Site
  • Designed for use with PCP-USB Stethoscope Only
  • FDA Approved for Telemedicine with PCP-USB Stethoscope
  • API Available for webRTC/Chrome platforms
  • Cost $165 / License / Stethoscope - No Recurring Fees or Charges