DIY Telemedicine Clinic Kit - Call for Customization and Pricing


Product Description

It is not as difficult as many people think to set up a medical office or clinic for telemedicine operations. While cost is not inconsequential, it does not have to be terribly expensive. With 15 years experience in telemedicine systems, device integration and consulting, we are well qualified to assist customers in setting up new programs or expanding operations to new locations without "breaking the bank".

We are happy to provide guidance on equipment needed for your specific clinical use case. We can provide high quality parts that will work well together for you to set up yourself or, for a modest additional fee, we will put together a fully integrated and ready-to-use system to ship to your location.

We pride ourselves in using "Best of Breed" products from multiple manufacturers and offer an agnostic approach that is not tied to any single product line. You will find we can do the equipment sourcing and integration for you at little more than it will cost you to do it yourself and, very likely, save you a lot of time and effort. Either way, we will be happy to work with you.

Please call us to discuss your needs. MobilDrTech, Inc. 281-340-2013