Howard Technologies TempDefend™ Solutions - RevScan Flex w/Laptop


Product Description

Howard RevScan Flex Tabletop/Tripod Temperature Sensing Kiosk

Temperature checks for employees, students, or visitors, are your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy environment. Getting set up to do it is simple. All it takes is a laptop with the right cameras and software, and Howard has it! It’s called the RevScan Flex. Howard’s RevScan Flex offers two cameras—one, a high-end, thermal sensing camera; the other is Intel’s RealSense™ D415 camera, which features high-depth resolution and active infrared (IR) stereo with standard or wide-field view. To ensure operational compliance, 22MILES TempDefend thermo-sensing software is used. It captures analytics and records, tracks, and responds according to your specifications.

Kiosk Package
•Enclosure & Stand
•Cold-rolled steel

Solution Features
•Setup at any desk, behind a counter, security checkpoint, etc. with optional tripod mounting
•Scans an open area up to 15ft away from the sensors
•Scan up to 10 people at once
•Live temps are shown on the screen as guests walk up
•Online portal for pass/fail and temperature logs
•Email and/or audio alerts on elevated temperature
•Software and interface upgrade for compliance with latest rules & regulations
•System auto updates to current regulatory protocol

Basic software package included in cost of Kiosk - one time purchase - no recurring charges

•Width: 4.85 in       • Weight: 1.5 lbs
•Depth: 4.08 in       • Height: 5.09 in

• Color Selection Available - See Swatch - Antimicrobial Finish