sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere Telemedicine Stethoscope Software - Physician License (FOR PCP-1 STETH ONLY)


Product Description

Perpetual Use Physician Software License

sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere software works with PCs, laptops and devices running full versions of Windows® operating systems and that have a standard internet connection. The software transports auscultation sounds from the USB or Mic Port stethoscope to connected clinicians anywhere. Using this advanced audio streaming software is as easy as a one-click connection! This software is available for purchase with both the PCP-1 and PCP-USB stethoscopes and includes all of the installation files and documentation needed to get set up and started. After just a few minutes of one-time set-up, sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere software can be connected and used flawlessly for years to come.

sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere

  • Out-of-Band Solution
  • Creates Separate Encrypted Channel Over Internet Connection
  • Software Installed at Physician and Patient Sites
  • Runs on Windows Platform alongside Desktop Video Conference Software
  • Designed for Either PCP-1 or PCP-USB
  • FDA Approved for Telemedicine with PCP Line of Stethoscopes