A&D Medical Blood Pressure Cuff - UA-767PC

$135.00 $170.00

Product Description


Product Features
  • Professional accuracy via oscillometric method
  • One button operation
  • Provides time and date stamp
  • Memory storage for 126 blood pressure readings
  • Communicates with PC via built-in RS-232C port (RS-232C cable not included)


A&D Medical has successfully bridged the gap between information technology and medical technology with the UA-767PC. This home blood pressure monitor communicates with your information hub through a serial communication cable and port. Real-time communication is achieved by sending the blood pressure measurement to the information hub immediately. The UA-767PC can also operate in a batch-mode to send up to 126 measurements with time and date in a single request command.

You can assign and program a unique identification in your service pool specific to the UA-767PC. Prior to sending the device to your patients, you code the device via an RS-232C port.

The UA-767PC is a highly cost-effective vehicle for disease management programs. System integrators can provide units to remotely located patients enabling them to monitor their blood pressure at home. Combine this blood pressure monitor and the UC-321PL personal scale and you have a foundation for a complete telemonitoring system.  


The UA-767PC Monitor is clinically validated according to the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and British Hypertension Society (BHS) protocols. This was published in Blood Pressure Monitoring October, 2000, Volume 5, Number 4, pp: 227 - 231. The authors are: Anatoly N. Rogoza, Tatjana S. Pavlova, Marina V. Sergeeva. For more information, please contact Customer Satisfaction at 1-888-726-9966