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Brand: eMurmur

Product Description

The eMurmur® software system is a digital auscultation platform for the healthcare provider. eMurmur® is used to stream, record, display, replay, and store the acoustic auscultation signal, from a growing list of compatible digital stethoscopes. Download Datasheet     Download Features/Subscription Plans 

The eMurmur platform is hardware neutral and runs on iOS, Android and common browsers, making it the first open and widely accessible auscultation technology.

eMurmur's digital records enable providers to evaluate patients' conditions over time, as well as consult with colleagues either in or outside of the examination setting. Using advanced engineering, eMurmur makes it possible for healthcare providers to screen, monitor, diagnose and consult on heart, lung and bowel irregularities with greater certainty.

With eMurmur®, providers can perform heart, lung or bowel auscultation remotely. Stethoscope sounds are transmitted in real time at lossless quality. A variety of custom designed filter options enable a high quality hearing experience. Click to see ri-sonic stethoscope and eMurmur in action.

eMurmur® is designed to work alongside existing telehealth platforms, either via the eMurmur® browser-based web portal, or via API-integration into existing solutions. Adding eMurmur® to an existing telehealth solution allows providers to virtually assess cardiac and pulmonary health.

Record and Share Auscultation Files Asynchronously or Livestream for Real-Time Telemedicine

Key Features
  • Free Downloadable APP - iOS or Android
  • Laptop/Desktop Compatible Via Multiple Browsers
  • Designed for Auscultation of Heart, Lungs, Bowel and Other Body Sites
  • Volume Control While Live Streaming or Playback 
  • Local Listening While Recording or Live Streaming
  • Variable Speed Playback Feature
  • 4 Playback Filter Settings (Raw, Wideband, Bell, Diaphragm)
  • Auscultation Visualization
  • Asynchronous Record and Share Mode
  • Livestreaming Mode
  • Compatible with Multiple Digital Stethoscopes
  • AI-Based Murmur Detection, Analysis and Reporting (Coming Soon)
Intuitive and Easy to Use
Remote Physician Portal
  • Log into Portal
  • Click on Livestreaming Button
  • Give Digital ID Session # to Patient Site
Patient Site Mobile Device App
  • Log into App on Mobile Device or Browser
  • Connect Stethoscope (may require adapter)
  • Input Session Code from Physician
  • Streaming Starts Automatically
  • Record While Streaming (Optional)
  • Download Recorded Auscultation for EHR (Optional)
Free 30 Day Trial - Full Telehealth Plan

If you would like to purchase full equipment sets including stethoscopes, headsets or earbuds and connection adapters, please call for a quote (281-340-2013) or email sales@mobildrtech.com. The descriptions below show typical configurations and pricing.

Free 30 Day Trial - Full Telehealth Plan 

 Download Datasheet

Download Features/Subscription Plans