Telemedicine Web Services Clinic Telemedicine System


Product Description

Economical Clinic Telemedicine Video Platform and Equipment Kit 

More than just a video call. The Clinic Telemedicine Kit allows a physician to perform a thorough examination with FDA approved, HIPAA compliant video service using browser based software, along with medical devices designed for telemedicine including an HD camera, PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope, otoscope attachment, examination camera, and an echo cancelling headset.

The CTM Kit was designed to work specifically with ProMedical Telemedicine Software, a cloud based software platform accessible via Chrome browser. This platform provides desktop videoconference services in a custom interface with stethoscope and other devices integrated. The service is offered and hosted by Telemedicine Web Services, Inc. To function as a complete system, it is necessary to also purchase the software service.

Use Cases:
Virtual Home Care
Employee Health Sites
School Based Clinics
Urgent Care Centers
Primary Care Clinics
Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes

A clinic-grade telemedicine solution for under $1000 for the equipment set and nominal monthly charges per site. Call for quantity pricing 281-340-2013.

MobilDrTech maintains the Telemedicine User Database (TUD) and provides service to end-user customers on behalf of Telemedicine Web Services.

Chrome accessible videoconference dashboard services available at $25/mo per site location. Please call 281-340-2013 to set up account.