Contec 08A BP, Pulse & SpO2 Meter - LOTS OF 10 $199 ($19.90 ea) - W/STD & XL BP CUFFS - NO SINGLE SALES

$199.00 $545.00

Brand: Contec

Product Description

Contec 08A Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Rate & SpO2 Meter - One Machine, Multiple Functions

CONTEC08A is a desktop Electronic Sphygmomanometer,High-definition color LCD display, supply English/Chinese interface,Strong visibility.Fully automatic blood pressure measure,it can be a household sphygmomanometer which is used for adult, pediatric and neonatal.The device has the function of parameter measure,display and record output,and adopt data review interface such as "data list", "trend chart", "big font",with SpO2 measure function(with optional SpO2 probe).

  • Automatic cuff inflation and deflation
  • With Pulse rate and SpO2 Check - Built-in flash memory up to 100 records for each user
  • Error detection and Alarm set
  • Clinically proven accuracy - EC Directive and CE Approved
  • Battery status indicator - auto power off when idle
  • Bundled with BOTH Standard and XL Adult BP Cuffs
  • Syncs with PC